wunderlich-malec home manufacturing fabrication

For more than 25 years the Wunderlich-Malec team has been building control panels as integral deliverables for our automation solutions.  In 2001 Wunderlich-Malec expanded its capabilities by opening a new engineering and manufacturing facility in Winslow, Maine and recently completed a major expansion to better serve our customers. 

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The focus of this business is to combine the latest technology with highly skilled personnel, allowing us to deliver higher quality and lower cost custom engineered and manufactured assemblies for:

  • Custom Control panels
  • Substation Control and Protection Panels
  • Integrated Modular Control Enclosures
  • Modular Custom Process Skids

Project management and engineering heritage

A key value to Wunderlich-Malec customers is our ability to provide turnkey engineered solutions or value-engineering improvements that allow our customers to reduce costs, improve schedules and deliver better quality in their manufactured assemblies. As an example, we have the capability to provide complete substation design, from one-line diagrams to detailed panel and control-house-engineered drawings with specified equipment.

Testing capability

Wunderlich–Malec provides the traditional Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), and our trained technicians also offer the subsequent confirmation testing normally conducted by our clients at their sites.  Wunderlich-Malec’s Quality Assurance testing process matches industry standard procedures.  Using the same process simulation test equipment as our process and utility clients, we verify the controls, relays and protective systems at the manufacturing facility.  This results in a significant cost and schedule benefit to our customers.

Together with our trained personnel, our investments in simulation equipment allow Wunderlich-Malec to test all panels and control equipment from individual units to a complete system, starting from the marshalling panel all the way to the controlled device.  We write the test procedures, provide the correct test equipment and perform the tests in the factory prior to shipment. And to minimize or even eliminate expensive and time-consuming field testing, we provide complete test documentation. This greatly reduces the risk of field rework due to equipment or system failure on the job site.

Modern facilities

Wunderlich-Malec is continuously expanding and improving our facilities to better meet our customer’s needs.  We recently more than doubled our fabrication and office space to over 30,000 square feet and have plans for further expansion.  The facilities are less than 10 years old and were designed specifically to ensure maximum efficiency, productivity and quality in engineering and manufacturing customer panels, control houses and process skids.

Incorporating the latest equipment and tools, the facility has also been designed to ensure flexible workflow and maximum productivity.

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New large high bay facility ensures clean, efficient
and quality fabrication and testing.
  Modern offices provide engineering,
production planning and project management.

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Wunderlich-Malec uses modern manufacturing and assembly techniques for maximum efficiency and construction quality.   Multiple panels in the assembly
area going through the final punch
list before a formal Factory
Acceptance Test with the Client.
  Paint Room and automatic wire
bundling and wire-end termination equipment area.
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Quality system

At Wunderlich-Malec, we believe that our success has to be built on the successes of each individual project. To ensure this consistent quality level throughout our organization and to ensure that quality is built into every deliverable product, we've created a Quality Control and Quality Assurance Program with specific operational guidelines and quality procedures. These procedures allow each of our offices to work together as if we are one large, virtual office, sharing resources, project experiences, people and application responsibilities.

The Wunderlich-Malec quality program is three-tier. First is the corporate Quality Control Manual (available for review) that's followed by each of our fourteen offices and manufacturing facility. Under the Corporate QA, each location has a local group of operational guidelines and standards (SOP) that meet the individual and local needs of that office. Each project modifies the established SOPs to meet the unique, individual requirements of that client.

If a customer has his or her own quality program we are required to follow, we follow that program.  In not, then we use our quality and operational SOPs.  W-M can do this because our employees are experienced at following a quality program, and each project has a Project and Quality Plan that defines the SOPs which must be followed. 

The equipment, module and panel manufacturing SOPs follow a dual process.  Because most panel projects include design, there are "Engineering/Design" quality SOPs and a "Manufacturing" SOP with construction methods.  The Quality Control process for this project starts with the Quality and Project Plan.  This is created by each order’s Project Manager and is submitted to the Business Manager for approval.  The plan not only includes the obvious steps to project completion but also has a section that deals with risk factors that could cause us to be unsuccessful.  By raising these risks early, we can address them and minimize their negative influence.  This is a key factor in our success as an engineering and UL®-approved panel manufacturing company.  Wunderlich-Malec's quality procedures and methodology easily meet the electronic file records and signature requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 as required by the FDA.

Our Quality Program also includes a client-approved Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Plan at our facility and may include an additional client-approved Site Acceptance Test (SAT) Plan at the final job location.

Utility client’s testing team
inspecting equipment following
the approved FAT Plan.
Panels and Modular Units are crated
when required to provide protection against
the toughest of environmental conditions.